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The team at dirtyd has travelled the mapped world competing at the highest levels, as well as managing and training the world's best. Great experiences and great friends have made it all worth it. To live, work and play in such great environments has let us create clothing and designs to suit.



The dirtyd family were there in the Halcyon Days of New Zealand's middle distance runners as they showed the world what we could do. With Grandma making running kit for the likes of Peter Snell, and Arthur and Arch cracking the whip to inspire Mum and Dad to greater acclaim, we've learnt that support goes a long way.

Inspired by the feats of the underdog dirtyd was forged at a time when orienteering teams and clubs across NZ and AUS were having price, design and delivery dictated by overseas apparel companies. Companies that seemed to care very little and give even less back. We wanted to put a bit of control back in the hands of Aussies and Kiwis to give everyone a choice and a chance to look good in functional, well designed clothing that was made and designed in NZ!

From this ideal dirtyd has provided support, growth and awareness in navigational in adventure racing and orienteering through pricing, design savvy and partnerships throughout NZ and AUS. We are the only dedicated manufacturers of orienteering specific clothing in NZ and AUS and we regularly give back more than we can afford to grow. Crap plan, but we'll do what we do as long we can.



In difference to some of the bigger apparel companies dirtyd provides a custom design service. And because we don’t create and produce en masse, we have a team of artisan's from the fashion, textile and print industries. A team that has worked with some of NZ’s top fashion designers and provide services for elite international sporting teams & franchises. This means all our clothing is individually printed and cut and sewn by a real person crafting one piece at a time. Matched with specifically designed materials we've searched the globe for, we proudly create unique sportswear that is NZ designed and made.

 tania@dirtyd - 20 years of competing, training with the worlds best 

 Dad wins world marathon title in 2hr15m duelling with Ron Hill


 Mum smashes another world champion 

team dirtyd @ World Games

Peter Snell wearing grandma's squeaky' shorts

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